Important Tips to Download Corbis Footage at Getty

corbis-motion-logoIt has been months since the merge of Corbis and Getty Images. Many creative professionals have been delighted, especially the avid customers of both stock sites. They have a whole new world to explore, more stunning content to download, and more stock files to work with. In a word, their creativity will be fueled with more artwork from hundreds of thousands of contributors around the world. To make their experience more worthwhile, here are a few important tips they should consider:


  • To look for Corbis content in Getty’s library, use the current Corbis asset ID. The Editorial stills you will find in the website include pieces from Bettmann, Contour, Contour Style, Corbis Entertainment, Corbis Historical, Corbis News, Corbis Premium Historical, Corbis Sports, Sygma, and Sygma Premium. You will also find creative still from Corbis and Corbis Documentary, as well as Corbis Video.
  • If you have a Getty Images account, use that account to access Corbis footage and images. If you don’t, the stock site automatically created an account for you using your Corbis email address.
  • You will purchase all content from Getty in two ways: a la carte and with Ultrapacks. If you need only one asset, you can purchase it a la carte at $125 each. If you are looking to purchase more, you will save more time and money with Ultrapacks.
  • Be sure to create a new password when you access your Getty account, created by Corbis. This is to avoid security issues down the road.
  • Purchase the right footage when you download Corbis footage. Getty Images offers rights ready and royalty free license to its content. The latter offers perpetual rights with a few restrictions, while the former requires specific use, duration and others.
  • Purchasing rights ready license is complicated. You need to follow the steps on the pop-up window and specify your intended use to get the final price of Corbis footage. This takes time, and you might not want to spend most of your time doing it.
  • Use Getty’s advanced search tools to find Corbis footage. You can enter relevant keywords to find results that match your criteria and to refine them with advanced search options.
  • Sort your results by thematic categories, featured partner collections, most popular, newest and many others – whichever helps you get the most relevant results. There’s a plethora pf specific you can also use to refine your search.

Purchasing Corbis footages has never been easier, faster and cheaper with Getty Images, read more here where to buy Corbis footages. You can purchase any content with pricing for every budget level. Whether you are looking for royalty free or Prestige content, you can all purchase them with Ultrapacks. The next time your download any content from Getty, be sure to remember this tips.