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The Real Royalty Free Definition

A licensing process which image rights are sold for almost all purpose is called Royalty-Free licensingUnlike rights-managed licensing where image license is priced based on how the image will serve its purpose, royalty free provides broad perpetual usage rights for a one-time payment.

Rights-managed license has restrictions including length of time, regions, size of its image, and more. On the other hand, Royalty-Free license is much less restrictive and offers buyers affordable and flexible images and pricing. Due to the rise of digital image distribution, Royalty-Free became popular. Nowadays, it holds vast majority of stock images.

You only have to pay one time for the stock image and you can use that image as many times and in many places as you can. This is the real royalty free definition. It does not mean that you can use the images free of charge. You have to pay a one-time flat fee so you are free from paying royalties.

Stock photography agencies sell stock images with a royalty-free license to allow the buyers to use the images in multiple ways. Keep in mind that you are only obtaining the right to use the images with few restrictions. You do not own the image once purchased. The photographer who created the image or the contributor is still the owner of the image. He holds the copyright.

Royalty free covers a specific copyright and most of the time it does not affect the actual copyright protection. It is granted with a license to use intellectual property in the return for a flat fee with no continuing fee. The owner still have all rights to the copyright except if specifically extended by agreement.

Agency and photographer share profits from the sold licensed image. Typically, the price of Royalty-Free (RF) images is cheaper than its Rights Managed (RM) counterpart. Agencies sell royalty free photos, giving their buyers the right to use the images. However, the purchase does not transfer the copyright of the image and its ownership.



Dollar Photo Club Alternative: Sites to Consider

dollar photo club logo Now that the Dollar Photo Club is closing, it is time for its creative members to start looking for a better alternative. If you visit, you will find good short reviews of stock photo sites. You may find your next primary image source upon learning the features and benefits they offer. Whatever you find, always keep in mind that your creative needs and budget should be your priorities when choosing a good Dollar Photo Club alternative.

Here are some of the websites you should consider:

  • Shutterstock. Shutterstock is a great stock photo site. It has over 70 million stock images in its library so you will surely find everything you need for your creative projects. It offers subscriptions and images on demand for every budget. Every week, over 800,000 fresh new images are added to its premium collection. Moreover, the website offers one free photo and one free vector every week.
  • iStock. iStock allows you to explore millions of high quality royalty-free images at ridiculously great prices. It also allows you purchase images by credit packs or subscription plans, which lets you rollover your unused downloads to the following month. It has been in business for 15 years, providing the creative community with licensed stock content. Furthermore, it offers one free photo, illustration, music and video clip every month.

  • Depositphotos. Depositphotos has millions of high quality royalty free stock images, offered at the best prices to fill all your creative needs. By registering to the stock site, you can access over 45 million assets. You can purchase images on demand or subscribe to daily or monthly plan, whichever suits your needs. The stock photo website offers support in 20 languages, serving customers around the world 24/7.dollar-photo-club
  • Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock bought the Dollar Photo Club. DPC is offering its active users a choice to transfer to AS voluntarily. If you pick AS, all your unused downloads will be available in the website for a year. You will also be given an exclusive DPC member offer, which will only be available prior to transferring unused downloads. If you have a Creative Cloud desktop application, this may be a good choice.
  • 99 Club. Out of all the stock photo websites in the market, 99 Club is the closest thing you can have to the Dollar Photo Club. It offers similar product with better features and benefits. Like the DPC, it offers images at the highest resolution possible, with a royalty-free license. It also has millions of images in its library with thousands more added regularly. It is also exclusive to limited members. On the other hand, it offers greater pricing at $99 per year for 200 images. Additional images are priced at 99 cents. Thus, it is the best Dollar Photo Club alternative to date.